The True Story Behind the Creation of Wassabi Productions

YouTube is an unpaid video sharing site that allows you to watch videos online easily. You can also upload your own videos or Youtube channel and share them with others. And speaking of Youtube channel, are you aware there are countless of Youtube channel? In fact, that is true and some of them went viral because they share videos and made their own videos that entertain everyone. One of them is hoiitstroi or commonly known as Wassabi Productions – a comedy Youtube channel. It was first created by Roi Fabito and afterward, Alexander Burriss joined. It means wassabi productions was headed by two intelligent guys. On the other hand, both of them became popular because of their parodies and entertaining music videos.


Alexander Burriss and Roi Fabito are living in the same neighborhood and eventually, they turn out to be best friends. In 2005 Roi decided to create videos together with Matt and Robby (Roi’s friends), using his parent’s camera. In the same year, the Wassabi Productions was established. Since Roi and Alexander are best friends Roi approached Alex, if he wants to join him in making a video. And fortunately Alexander accepted his offer and he became a Wassabian.

In 2006, the two Wassabians decided to post their videos online so that their friends and relatives will be able to watch their videos. Luckily, their friends and relatives really loved and adored their videos. Actually, aside from their relatives and friends millions of people also watched their movies and it became viral.

In the beginning, this comedy Youtube channel was known as hoiitstroi, but it was immediately changed to Wassabi. In fact, the term Wassabi was stimulated by one of the scenes of Jackass movie when Steve-O inhaled wasabi using his nostril. Because of that scene, Roi became addicted to the term “wasabi” and he used this as his username on one of his accounts. But he accidentally spelled it wrong, instead of putting a single “s” he placed double “s”.

As they grow old, filming became their hobby and they successfully created funny videos, dance videos, and even lip syncs. But sad to say, they stop making videos because they need to attend prioritize their studies. And after studying, they decided to shoot a comeback video for Wassabi productions.

On April 7, 2012, Wassabi presented two new characters, Richard and Rolanda who debuted the “Call Me Maybe Parody”. This parody has a 57 million views and at the same time, their comedy Youtube channel gained 8,000,000 subscribers and three billion views.

Because of their unexpected popularity, Roi and Alexander traveled in several countries in order to meet their fans. Not only that, they used this opportunity to conduct shows and they experienced several adventures.

But last January 2016, the first guy who started this popular comedy Youtube channel decided to leave Wassabi productions. That is why many feel sad about this breaking and bad news. According to Roi, he decided to leave Wassabi because he wants to pursue his other desires. And his character (Rolanda) also leave and moved to Guatemala.

Even though Roi leave Wassabi, Alexander Burriss is still doing his best to manage their Youtube channel.


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