The Secrets of a Happily Married Couple

They say marriage is one of the factors that contribute to a long and happy life. Marriage gives you the sense of belonging to another, that whatever life throws your way, you are in it together. But, of course, there are married couples and there are happily married couples. What sets these two apart? Some healthy habits, that’s what! Here, I will reveal some of the secrets of a happily married couple.

THEY SET THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENTThe Secrets of a Happily Married Couple

Dr. John Gottman, known for his studies of relationship and marriage said in his book “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” that “Refusing to accept bad behavior from one another is one of the secrets of a happy, long-lasting relationship.” Couples who are honest with each other end up having happier relationships.

THEY KEEP IN TOUCHThe Secrets of a Happily Married Couple

Happy couples cannot get enough of each other. And I am not just talking about rolling in bed all day if they could. I am talking about saying “Good morning” and “I love you” at the start of the day. Asking “How is your day going?” in the afternoon. And a “Goodnight” before going to bed. These are little things, to be sure, but they all add up to a sense of being loved. When you go off to work with a sweet “I love you”, traffic does not seem to be that bad. When you are asked about your day, you are happy that someone actually cares. And when you are wished a good night’s sleep, even if the day did not seem so fine, you will be excited to go to dreamland.

THEY STAY ACTIVE TOGETHERThe Secrets of a Happily Married Couple

Of course, enjoying a piece of yummy steak and then going off to see a romantic movie is a good date night option. Happy couples do that all the time. However, they make sure to squeeze in “active” dates too. They travel together, seeing new sights and adventures. Try wall climbing or hiking together.

THEY EAT HEALTHY TOGETHERThe Secrets of a Happily Married Couple

One of the cute things about being a couple is that you get to shop together. And happy couples lead their partner into good shopping choices, especially when it comes to food. They encourage each other to eat well, and cook for each other, too!

THEY FOCUS ON THE GOODThe Secrets of a Happily Married Couple

Healthy couples support each other. They do not tear each other down by calling one or another “fat” or “ugly”. Happy couples help each other feel good about their own bodies! That is love at its purest and finest!


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