Philippine’s Best Waters for Paddling Adventures

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To kayaking enthusiasts, just looking at the map of the Philippines is enough to cause a serious case of day-dreaming about vacations, with glorious islands of every description. The Philippines is perfectly suited for the sports kayaking. In fact, the Philippines has a link to paddle that dates back to the days when Datu Puti landed in the archipelago. Here is a list of the Philippine’s Best Waters for Paddling Adventures!


While the Chocolate Hills grab the lion’s share of Bohol’s limelight, kayakers who have had the chance to explore the 75 islands and over 250km of the coastline of the Visayan gem will tell you there’s as much offshore to keep you in awe as there is inland.
The Bohol paddling community has an enthusiastic group of kayakers that have been exploring the area for a decade, and guided trips now range from overnight ‘kayamping’ (kayaking and camping) trips leaving from Panglao to more exploratory trip that visits some of the most intriguing sandbars, islands and bustling villages at sea off the coast of Tubigon and Getafe.

Philippine's Best Waters for Paddling Adventures

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