Philippines: A Myriad Of Breathtaking Beaches

The Philippines, a country made up of thousands of islands, seven thousand one hundred and seven islands to be exact. And within these islands, there are breathtaking beauties hidden. This country is like a piece of paradise put on earth. Here are A Myriad Of Breathtaking

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Five Most Luxurious Hotels In The World

Did you know that you can check in to a luxurious hotel at a price of two-story house and lot or maybe a brand new car? Outrageously expensive, huh? Well, be our guest and take a peek to the five most luxurious hotel in the

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10 WEIRDEST ANIMALS ON PLANET EARTH Mother Nature can be so crazy and strange. There are about a million of species she has offered but still a billion to be found. And when I say crazy, I mean abnormally weird like a bunch of different