A Mom-To-Be Almost Died After A Baby Kick Her Abdominal Wall


It is an exciting experience for first-time mothers to carry their child in their womb. A mom-to-be almost died after a baby kick, during the nine months of pregnancy, mothers eagerly wait for signs from their unborn child. Tummy getting bigger or maybe a faint thump from inside the mother’s belly? This can make any mother jump in excitement.

The Cause Of The Unexplained Discomfort:

A MOM-TO-BE ALMOST DIED AFTER A BABY KICKHowever, this pregnant woman from China did not experience any excitement in those few moments rather she felt severe pain in her stomach and nearly died when her unborn child kicks her so hard that her tiny little legs create a hole through the wall of her mother’s womb.

During her thirty-five weeks of pregnancy, the mom-to-be knew only as Zhang, suddenly experience stomach pain on October 2. At first, she ignored the pain thinking it was something she ate that upsets her stomach. Even as it got worse within hours of the initial discomfort.

Ten in the morning, she went to the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital Emergency Department. The doctors took note on her pulse, blood pressure, and breathing after she complained about extreme pain in her stomach. Immediately, doctors let her undergo an ultrasound to check for irregularities.

Ultrasound scan showed Ms Zhang's baby

An ultrasound scan showed Ms. Zhang’s baby had her foot outside of Ms. Zhang’s womb. (circled) After kicking through the wall of the uterus

The ultrasound showed that Zhang’s unborn child “kicked through” her uterus wall right into her abdominal cavity. The results showed the baby’s thighs damaged her mother’s abdominal cavity.

In five minutes time, the doctors race against time and rushed Zhang to the emergency room to deliver the unborn child through emergency  C- section, with the thought that she might go to a shock due to the internal bleeding. The doctors also said that her unborn baby was also at risk of serious infection because of the hole in her mother’s womb.

After ten minutes, surgeons Zhang Yanping, Zhang Lei, and Zhong Shilin, safely delivered the baby. They found a seven-centimeter “hole” in Zhang’s womb wall. It was found in Zhang’s medical history that she was operated in 2016 to remove fibroids(tumors that grow in woman’s uterus) from her womb. Thus, leaving a wound scar in her womb wall that becomes a weak spot.

Surgeon Zhong said that women who have undergone operations for fibroids removal should wait for a year or two before planning to have a baby. He also recommended that women should have a complete check-up first on their reproductive system before getting pregnant.

The doctors informed that Zhang and her “kicker” baby girl are doing fine even after surviving the life-threatening pregnancy delivery.


In 2016, a 33-year-old mother in France developed a tear on her uterus. Through which her unborn baby’s foot, still enclosed in the amniotic sac, went through (pictured)

Ruptured pregnancy an extremely rare phenomenon. based on records, there were only 26 of such cases that have been reported worldwide. Although rare, a rupture in the uterus during pregnancy can cause a lot of complication. A life-threatening medical condition.


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