Living the Sweet Suite Life: 10 Most Expensive Hotels and Why Try?

10 Most Expensive Luxury Hotels

Ever dreamed of staying up all night, no sleep on a cozy and five-star suite? I think those who work hard and play hard does feel the same sentiment as anyone else, who go all-out and promised for their no more crying in the club moments. Once we packed our bags and get ourselves on a ‘different city every night’, we also see to it that we unpack our stuffs and lay our tingling backs at a queen-sized bed on a sweet suite. However, this ‘sweet suite life’ that we are thinking may be just as not sweet as it is for a few. Like those billionaires who see their names on shining shimmering lights. Let’s get one thing straight, living the suite life does exist and these 10 hotels are not your regular suite life. Yet, you may also want to go with the saying, ‘Dreaming is not bad unless you work hard for it’. That also goes with the lump-sum of money for your 12-hour rent for these hotels:


10 – First off, we go with The Lanesborough Hotel in London, where your usual night-off will cost $13,000 – $ 14,000 just for your accommodation. The luxurious place looks attractive for those who loves British royalties since it has a wide-view of the Buckingham Palace. You may want to count one to 93 for the total number of guest rooms, both VVIP, VIP, and the regular guest room. If you feel like being lazy for chores during your stay, you get to have your own nanny available for the next 24 hours of your stay.

9 – What goes next with our list is the Connaught Hotel located at the heart of London City – Mayfair! This is the top-of-the-line hotel in England for it is the most expensive one with more than 120 rooms in total with each cost from $24,000 to $ 26,000 per night. The hotel amazingly highlights its two English-styled restaurants of your choice.  You may want to spend lunch on one and the dinner at the other, but the menu will cost almost thrice or four times of your regular hefty meal.

8 – The European hotels never fails its aficionados as the Hotel Plaza Athenee, at the most Romantic place in the world – Paris! It has its romantic view of the Eiffel Tower which certainly gives a sure ‘Yes’ for those who wanted to get their touchy proposal scenes at the place. The hotel showcases the French Regency glamorous facilities, which takes you down on a memory lane at the Renaissance France.

7 – The American Four Seasons Hotel at the center of New York City will lift you up among the vacationers on town with your personal chauffer and a Rolls Royce drive. But be sure to ready your cards and checks with the $30,000 rate per night stay. You may want to show them off your Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton wallets as you walk down the streets of New York.

6 – If you feel like going with a more classic nature-loving setting for your vacation, you may want to try the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji which serves you the finest authentic meals with a jam-packed of water-based activities like surfing, scuba-diving, and snorkeling.


5- If you feel like going with the Greeks, the Grand Resort Lagonissi might be a perfect place for you. The travel and tours package offers assistance when you walk down the streets of Greece. They highlight the self-loathing spas and body massage that surely relieves you from the all-day stress of work. Be sure to have your $40,000-$45,000 savings by then.


4 – The Asian Indian pride has never failed the billionaires for a cutting-edge suite with the Maharaja’s Pavilion – Raj Place which will surely let you swipe $45,000 out of your bank account. It is the most luxurious and highlighted presidential executive hotel in India. The hotel is adorned with many gems and antiques since ancient Indian royalties has lived here for some time in the past. You may want to live like one of them!


3 – Going back at the European foothold, the Hotel Cala Di Volpi is a perfect match for those who wants to try a Mediterranean setting. This features the sun kissed shoreline since it is located on the island of Sardinia. It has its own physical fitness gym with a solarium. Their rooms have a specified place where you can see the rays of the bright sun touching your skin. Experience this with just an amount of $45,000-$48,000 per night.


2 – At the fine country of Geneva, you may want to check out the Hotel President Wilson with the mesmerizing fancy views of the alps through a bullet-proof window. Your bathing experience will not be as bad as it should with the marble-made tubs which they say give a more calming effect. Be ready with your $65,000-$70,000 a night with your accommodation that includes a special visit on their Steinway Grand Piano.


1 – At the top of it all, the most expensive hotel with the $150,000 rate per night is the Lover’s Deep at St. Lucia. This is not just a hotel that you see with plain view since this one is a submarine! They make that the whole crew would serve the finest meal, high-paid service, and top-class amenities, as you dig deep in the ocean while you sleep. Yeah, it highlights your view with the marine sanctuary and gives a contemplative mood throughout your stay because of the water you’re at.


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