Horrifying Torture Methods Designed to Make Victims Suffer in Pain Longer

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Humans have different ways of thinking and personalities. They have invented and designed many creations since the very beginning. However, some humans have horrifying ways of thinking that they should have never been born from the first place. Here are some horrifying torture methods designed to make victims suffer in pain longer. (Even if the victim did something horrible and unforgivable, these torture methods should never be an option.)


Keelhauling is truly an unbearable punishment for seamen behaving badly at sea. It was a common pirate punishment practice. A victim is tied to a rope and thrown off a boat. The victim will be pulled underneath the boat as it moves. What’s horrifying about this is the hundred of barnacles that covers the bottom of the boat that would scrape the victim’s body. Then after a little while, the victim will be pulled out of the water only to be thrown out again, repeating the same process until the victim’s skin is no longer visible. Unless, of course, the victim eventually dies.

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