Five Most Luxurious Hotels In The World

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Did you know that you can check in to a luxurious hotel at a price of two-story house and lot or maybe a brand new car? Outrageously expensive, huh? Well, be our guest and take a peek to the five most luxurious hotel in the world.


If you want to feel the pleasure of being a royalty this hotel can make it happen. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi costs about $3 billion with 394 suites, 40 conference rooms, numerous fountains, and pools. A white sand beach, an extravagant spa, imported marbles in 13 different countries and more than a thousand crystal chandeliers. Emirates Palace gives meaning to grandeur and when you book a night at this hotel’s lavish Palace Suite. (it’s most expensive suite) will give you 24-hour butler service, a buffet breakfast in Le Vendome Brasserie. A Palace Lounge access and a limousine ride from or to Abu Dhabi airport. This is One of the Five Most Luxurious Hotels In The World has the grandest look.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

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