FIVE Most Frightening Ghost Sightings Caught On Camera

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Many believe that ghost or paranormal activities are hoaxes or made-up. Do a quick search on google about ghost sightings and it will show you thousands of result may it be videos, photos or audio clips that are said to be a proof of paranormal existence.

But with our modern technology and some people’s editing skills, many question the truth of such paranormal proofs. It is hard to tell if such proofs are real ghostly figures or paranormal activities. But here we have gathered a few of those creepiest and most frightening ghost sightings that are caught on camera. You will be the judge whether these photos are true or hoax. Here are the FIVE Most Frightening Ghost Sightings Caught On Camera:


Most ghost sightings consist of children and this image says a lot about it. This group of friends took a memorable picture together before going to a party. But why does the small child on the right runs crying out of the scene? Did the ghostly image in the center of the second and third girl pushed him out of the way so she can take that memorable picture with them? True or not, that child’s appearance is really creepy.

Party Ghost

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