The Most Famous K-Pop Boy Groups

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Got 7

Another hot boy group formed by JYP Entertainment that debuted last 2014. Got7 gained so much attraction due to their colorful and bombastic stage performances. It includes b-boy and martial arts kicking which became the group’s signature style. Got7 is another hot K-Pop boy group which debuted in 2014. Since debut, their colorful and bombastic image gained attraction to many, especially their stage performances which include martial arts kicking and b-boy, which later become their signature style.

Members and Position:

Im Jae Bum aka JB – Leader, Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist, Face of the Group

Mark Yi En Tuan aka Mark – Vocalist, Main Rapper, Visual

Wang Ka Yee aka Jackson – Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Park Jin Young aka Jr or Jinyoung – Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper

Choi Young Jae aka Youngjae – Main Vocalist

Kunpimook Bhuwakul aka BamBam – Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Kim Yu Gyeom aka Yugyeom – Vocalist, Main Dancer, Maknae

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