Exploring Cagayan de Oro: The New Adventure Capital

Thrill-seeking in the South? We will show you why you will get your fill and more. Here are some fun things to do hen exploring Cagayan de Oro!

You could shoot the rapids. Go trekking through jungles and mountains. See what spelunking is like. You could even go for the high of traversing a canopy walk suspended 120-feet above a rainforest. Heck, you could do it all. After all, everything’s just a short drive from this city. Cagayan de Oro, capital of Misamis Oriental, is an easy jump-off point to all kinds of great outdoor adventure.

A few days’ stay in the “City of Golden Friendship” will allow you to schedule one or two adventure trips every day while giving you enough time to enjoy the city’s more relaxing delights like interesting dining and entertainment options, historical sites, beautiful beaches and world-class golf courses.

Pinoy Rafting or whitewater tubingExploring Cagayan de Oro

A product of Filipino ingenuity. Pinoy rafts are made of seven inner tubes securely strapped together. Unlike white water rafting, only the guides do the paddling so all the guests have to do is hang on and scream! You will pass through 13 rapids on the Cagayan River while enjoying the lush scenery of the riverbanks throughout the journey.

Explore the Cueba de OroExploring Cagayan de Oro

A short drive from the city’s center and a short hike will bring you to Cueba de Oro. It is a cave explored by more daring visitors. To enter it, you must rappel down a 120-foot cave wall.

The journey through the cave takes about an hour. You will enjoy the rare sight of beautifully preserved stalactites and stalagmites. Part of the underground adventure is walking in waist-to-shoulder-deep water with the cave ceiling a few inches above your head. The trip, however, is truly exhilarating once you emerge from the cave to a pool by the forest.

Brave the Noslek Canopy WalkExploring Cagayan de Oro

The canopy walk is a 12-story “stroll” above the lush rainforest of Magbais. Composed of five platforms built around trees 100- 120-feet tall, you get from one platform to another by walking on hanging bridges make out of steel cables and two-inch stepping bars.  While you are double-harnessed to a safety line overhead, it can be nerve-wracking experience as the bridge sways and shifts with every movement.

Play in Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club and Del Monte Golf ClubExploring Cagayan de Oro

Take your game to two world-class courses with contrasting layouts and histories. The six-year-old ridge-lined Pueblo de Oro Golf Country Club in the hills overlooking the city and the longtime favourite Del Monte Golf Club which is in the middle of Del Monte’s pineapple plantation.

Indulge in a foodie trip

Exploring Cagayan de OroCagayan de Oro offers an array of gastronomic possibilities. Try an ostrich dish in Cagay-anon in Limketkai Mall. Less exotic, but just as mouth-watering is the lechon manok(charbroiled whole chicken) from The Barn. Their version of this popular dish is unlike that of other provinces as it is specially marinated and cooked with local herbs and spices. You can also take home the famous pastel from the nearby island of Camiguin. A delectably soft bread roll filled with yummy custard.

Exploring Cagayan de Oro


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