Cigarette Smoking: The Silent Killer

You have a whole life to look forward to. The feeling of love, hope, having a family, starting your career and so much more. There might be ups and downs because life is not always perfect. But there will also be happiness and joy to look forward to.

However, many individuals of a very young age, end up starting a certain bad habit that should have never been started. One is so deadly that you will regret starting it in the first place─ smoking.

The Silent KillerCigarette Smoking

Apart from nicotine, there are more than four thousand chemicals in a single tobacco stick, of which numerous are poisons. There are at least 60 of these chemicals that can cause cancer. A few of those chemicals are tar, carcinogens that encourage the development of cancer cells, carbon monoxide that binds itself to hemoglobin and prevents it from carrying oxygen around the body, oxidant gases that are reactant to oxygen and make blood clot, benzene that cause cell damage, and a lot more.

There are no ways around it. Smoking is really bad for your health. Coughs, asthma, colds, and wheezing are just the start. It harms nearly every organ in your body. Smoking cigarettes are the primary cause of 87 percent lung cancer death, worldwide. It is not limited to lung diseases, but also cataracts, stroke, fatal diseases like pneumonia and emphysema, and diseases in the heart and blood vessel. Those women who smoke during pregnancy have a higher chance of infant deformities or sudden death because of SIDS or sudden infant death and other pregnancy problems.

However, smoking for yourself does not only harm your body, but also other people inhaling or breathing in the smokes that you release.

Where there is smoke…

Even if you not a smoker and does not take a single stick of cigarette, cigarette smoke can still penetrate your organs. Second-hand smoke exposure raises your risk of diabetes as if you are a smoker, yourself.  Cigarette SmokingA  study at the Alabama University showed that those people who frequently breathe in second-hand smoke have a forty percent bigger risk of diabetes─ that is almost equal to a  smoker’s odds. The main reason as stated by Thomas Houston, MD., is that there is a high concentration of chemicals that deform pancreatic cells called nitrosamines  in secondhand smoke.

So you not only have a death wish but also take other people with you.

But it is not too late to stop smoking. Knowing the effects of smoking in your body, you should then try to control yourself and end this deadly habit. Not only for your health but also for your loved ones whom you always interact with.

Cigarette Smoking

Stop smoking now


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