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‘The Hands Resist Him’ Painting

Terrifyingly Cursed Objects That Really Exist

Have you watched those classic horror movies with cursed dolls or objects that kept haunting the characters in the plot? Did you know that some of those cursed objects do really exist and haunting people in the real world? Here are some of the Terrifyingly

mermaid or a sea monster

Five Awesome Makeup Ideas To Match Your Halloween Outfit

Only a few days left and we will be seeing November soon. It only means that Halloween is right around the corner. But hey! Have you found the perfect outfit for your Halloween party? Pennywise from IT Movie, Mystique of the X-men Series, Harley Quinn,

Party Ghost

FIVE Most Frightening Ghost Sightings Caught On Camera

Many believe that ghost or paranormal activities are hoaxes or made-up. Do a quick search on google about ghost sightings and it will show you thousands of result may it be videos, photos or audio clips that are said to be a proof of paranormal

Eight Year Old child died for an unbelievable reason

Eight Year Old Child Died For An Unbelievable Reason

This world seems to grow crueler every passing day. Murder, rape, terrorism and a lot more awful things seem like normal news any day. One of the sick and unfair turmoil of events, that we are wondering how a man and a mother to them

zombie worms


10 WEIRDEST ANIMALS ON PLANET EARTH Mother Nature can be so crazy and strange. There are about a million of species she has offered but still a billion to be found. And when I say crazy, I mean abnormally weird like a bunch of different