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The Most Famous K-Pop Boy Groups

The Korean culture has already invaded almost all of Asia and all over the world. The reasons? Not only their rich variety food and good sense in fashion, the Korean entertainment has also been a blast. From Dramas to their famous K-Pop Groups, Korea really

The Fastest Animals in the World

The Fastest Animals in the World

According to researchers, humans can run as fast as 40 miles an hour and an average of 12-15 miles an hour when talking about sprint speeds. Not bad huh? But to tell you the truth, there are some animals that seem to be created for

Best Roommate Pranks

The Best Roommate Pranks

Having a buddy as your roommate can be very fun and enjoyable. Someone you can talk to or laugh with or someone you can ask for help. However, for these people, their roommate can sometimes be crazy and a buddy from hell. Check out these