Can Your Heart Really Feel?

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Ever felt so broken you can’t actually breathe?
Can Your Heart Really Feel

Science told us that the heart is merely a blood-pumping station and it is the brain that makes you feel things. But that is old science.

Now, we know that the heart is an emotional organ and is connected to the “emotional brain”. So what is this emotional brain?

Our brain has a little bunch of cells on each side called the amygdala. The word amygdala is Latin for almond because it is shaped like one. Scientists believe that the amygdala is responsible for emotion. So when you feel sad about a lost pet, it is the amygdala doing the hard work. It is also responsible for other emotions like when you get really excited in opening a birthday present.

The brain and heart work hand in hand in coming up with an emotion. For instance, you and your boyfriend got in a fight; your heart is somehow hurt. The heart communicates to the brain and when the brain sends signals to the heart, it may respond in different ways.

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