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‘The Hands Resist Him’ Painting

Terrifyingly Cursed Objects That Really Exist

Have you watched those classic horror movies with cursed dolls or objects that kept haunting the characters in the plot? Did you know that some of those cursed objects do really exist and haunting people in the real world? Here are some of the Terrifyingly


Philippines: A Myriad Of Breathtaking Beaches

The Philippines, a country made up of thousands of islands, seven thousand one hundred and seven islands to be exact. And within these islands, there are breathtaking beauties hidden. This country is like a piece of paradise put on earth. Here are A Myriad Of Breathtaking

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Five Most Luxurious Hotels In The World

Did you know that you can check in to a luxurious hotel at a price of two-story house and lot or maybe a brand new car? Outrageously expensive, huh? Well, be our guest and take a peek to the five most luxurious hotel in the