Apple Warns that iPhone X Has A Nasty New Surprise

Apple Warns that iPhone X Has A Nasty New Surprise. It is about the iPhone X’s Super Retina Display.

You might notice some slight changes in color and hue if you look in an OLED display from an angle. It is one of the characteristics of an OLED and its normal behavior. OLED display also shows a slight visual change. Its behavior is as expected. It also includes “burn-in” or image persistence”. Where the OLED display shows a faded remnant of images after an image appears on the screen.

Apple worries that it has engineered the supply panel of Samsung to be the best in reducing the effects of OLED “burn-in” in the industry. This is good however having a reviewed phone for more than 15 years. No one can say that burn-in and blue tints are not normal in modern day for some smartphone in the price bracket.

As a matter of fact, it is intended for the flaws which Google had such a very hard time on the Pixel 2XL. Burn-in and blue tints are unacceptable on a smartphone which costs 849-949 dollars. Most certainly it is unacceptable on a smartphone that cost a thousand bucks.

For some years now Samsung’s phone panels have been the undisputed leaders by means of class. And there are no witch hunts in the industry about the burn-in and blue tints. The point here is Samsung Co. is the leading manufacturer of smartphones.

Pixel 2XL (right) shows a blue tint at an angle while Galaxy Note 8(left) doesn’t

iPhone X Has A Nasty New Surprise

In Google’s case, it is messed up. While LG which is the leading manufacturer of OLED televisions is also having some difficulties in putting the OLED display on smartphones. With its newest flagship (V30) undergoes the same flaws. Google complained that its weaker colors are the outcome of the focus inaccuracy and its poor calibration. However, Google is developing an improvement that has a software update.

Apple iPhone X’s display won’t be similar to the one on the photo from an extreme angle

iPhone X Has A Nasty New Surprise

For Apple Inc., it is just an issue. Smartphones with OLED panels have not had a mass production to the scale which Apple requires. iPhone X necessitates the need of a fit OLED panel to fit on the faceID mask.

But it’s still not an excuse for the attempts of both companies to normalize all the defects that are not supposed to be there. Particularly in the same year where Google and Apple suggestively raised up their prices.


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