An Apple Engineer Lost His Job after His Daughter’s Video of iPhone X Went Viral

With the long-standing battle of patents and damage ruling between Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc., protecting information of newly announced gadgets is a must. And here, an Apple Engineer lost his job after his daughter’s video of iPhone X went viral.

Apple Inc. reportedly fired its Engineer Ken Bauer…

…who is working on the most-awaited iPhone X after showing her daughter Brooke Amelia Peterson some features of the said phone and uploading it in her Youtube Vlog. An Apple Engineer Lost His JobIt went viral of course when it was quickly picked up by sites like 9to5Mac. The said video was taken last week at Apple’s high-end employee cafeteria, the Caffè Macs. It is at Cupertino, California headquarters. The video contains Brooke visiting her father at work and to have dinner. As they eat their food, Brooke’s dad hands her his iPhone X. And that is where viewers of Youtube got about less than a minute of footage of Brooke’s scrolling through the phone’s screen, showing off its new design, and its camera.

Although it may look like a simple hands-on, the video did contain the iPhone X special employee-only QR code. There is also a note app on the iPhone X. It appeared to be codenames of unreleased Apple products shown in the video. In general, Apple strictly prohibits filming on campus grounds. So a video of an unreleased iPhone X going viral is not an exception.An Apple Engineer Lost His Job

Brooke’s father who got fired as said to had worked at Apple for around four years. He was one of the Engineers who built the wireless circuit design in iPhone RF.

On her follow-up video, Brooke said: “Apple let him go. At the end of the day, when you work for Apple it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance. They had to do what they had to do. I’m not mad at Apple. I’m not going to stop buying Apple products.”

She also said in her video that her father apologizes and “takes full responsibility for the one rule that he broke.” Lastly, she asked the netizens this: “You know what, guys? Hate on me all you want, but please don’t hate on my father because he is the best person. I have absolutely no tolerance for the people who think that they know him. And, for the people who are calling us names, I don’t understand the amount of hate that is in this world.”An Apple Engineer Lost His Job


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