4-Month Old Baby Girl Died Because She Threw a Baby Tantrum

4-month old babies are supposed to throw a fit and cry almost all the time. Parents and babysitters should have long patience. Even when their ears are about to explode from the screams and tantrums.

However, baby Kailynn Watson met an impatient woman as her babysitter. That eventually lead to her death.4-Month Old Baby Girl Died

In Marysville Washington, twenty-four-year-old Cheyanne Jarell was hired to take care of baby Kailynn while her parents are at work. In addition, Jarell was also taking care of her own infant daughter while babysitting Kailynn. When Kailynn won’t stop crying, babysitter Jarell got frustrated with the baby girl’s tantrum. To her frustrations, Jarell allegedly shook her with so much force causing Kailynn’s spines to snap. Baby Kailynn was brought to the hospital. Three days after the initial accident, doctors said that she was already brain dead. The damage in the baby’s spine caused her diaphragm to be blocked. It eventually lead to lack of oxygen. Various examinations on the baby’s body show that she had brain bleeding, retinal hemorrhage, and contusion on her spine.

Jarell was charged with first-degree manslaughter. “You were supposed to be taking care of her while her parents were at work … instead, you killed her,” Superior Court Judge Michael Downes said.

However, Jarell pleads innocence in the baby’s death. She denied that she injured the baby girl. Jarell said that the girl was unresponsive shortly after she put her on the couch. Doctors called by the defense suggested that there were other explanations for the baby girl’s sudden stop of breath. It may be a virus or pneumonia they said. The prosecutors countered accusing the defense lawyer of bringing a doctor whose opinions were not a representative of the general scientific community.

4-Month Old Baby Girl Died

After three days of deliberation, jurors found her guilty of a lesser manslaughter charge.

They said that the woman may be aware of the consequence of her reckless behavior on the child. But did not realize that she could die. With that said, Jarell was sentenced to only 27 months of imprisonment for the murder of a 4-month old baby girl. Jarell maintained her plea of innocence before the judge without any feeling of guilt or remorse to the Watson family.

Kailynn’s parents asked the jury that Jarrell not be shown any leniency.

“The sentence for the conviction isn’t long enough”, they said.

Downes acknowledged that nothing would erase Kailynn’s parents’ heartaches. He said “Everywhere you look in every direction in this case people are in pain”


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